The recruitment process

For us people and their commitment are most important

Our employees are specialists in their fields, they who put in their work the best of their skills, passion and commitment. We are looking for individuals characterized by these values. 
The recruitment process at our company is led in an individual way depending on the position. We are focussed only on the experience, competencies and skills required for a particular position. We give our best to make the recruitment process rules as clear and honest as possible for participants.


The recruitment process consists of four phases:

Phase I
Sending application
Information on current positions is available on our company website in tab Career- Job Offers where you can send your application in a provided form.

We also try to inform about the actual job offers in popular recruitment web portals.

You can also provide your application personally at our company seat or by sending your CV and cover letter to our email address

Phase II
Interview with a representative of the company

After selection of received CVs, we invite selected candidates for an interview. The interview is held by experienced division directors, who check skills required for the offered position.

During the interview we test skills, analyse the knowledge and skills of candidates. The test can have a form of close-ended questions of a single- or multiple-choice answers or open-ended questions or tasks. Each candidate receives the same set of questions, which influences equalization chances. Analytical skills are tested mostly this way.

Phase III
Decision – presenting an employment offer

The Board of Directors after examination of documentation and recommendations from the recruiting team makes the final decision on offering the job, presents the candidate an offer of employment.

Phase IV
Welcome at Confirme Sp. z o.o.

All new employees before formally stating their work must perform medical examinations confirming their capacity to perform the intended work.
On the first working day each employee receives a mandatory OHS training. The first weeks are
intended for adaptation enabling to acclimatize at our team.



The steel prefabrication plant is open Mon. to Sat. 24h
The sales office is open Mon. to Fri. 8:00 - 16:00
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